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   Kolathur MLA, STALIN.M.K., DMK

congrats for not giving seat to old & headwęights party men & his family members. in any election. We r happy that u fully boycotted DURAI MURUGAN family who amassed heavy assets for more generations.please give a chance &select a good & intelegent & energictic party guys who ll protect party goals. Thanks for ur revamping & bold action. No One in india did an excellent steps So u r a REAL PURACHI THALAIVAN. Rajkumar / b/o ex admk mla Vellore...   Read more...

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by rajkumar, vellore, india, 19/Dec/2014 12:20


Respected Sir I am vikram from kilpennathur.i kindly two request to you, 1)Create new tamilnadu transport depot statation in kilpennathur town and operate buses and connect the different cities. 2)create new bus route for VETTAVALAM TO THURINJAPURAM Via : KILPENNATHUR,AVALURPET and KILPENNATHUR TO KANCHEPURAM Via : Avalurpet and chetpet above requests will be most useful of KILPENNATHUR ASSEMBLY CONSTITUENCY PEOPLES pls help to our kilpennathur assembly constituency people ...   Read more...

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by VIKRAM, KILPENNATHUR, INDIA, 18/Dec/2014 23:26