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   Kolathur MLA, STALIN.M.K., DMK

dear sir, i love u so much and ure my child hero, dream as well as i think ure father aswell as my mother i love u so much iam s.jayashankar finish my m.b.a and doing wholesale pharma business in chennai. i want to develop our party as well as national. iam eagerly waiting for the chance sir, i want to do social services to our city people and poor people sir , i want to join our party and propaganda our party by street by street, area by area, city by city to reach all the people sir iam not intrested in politics but i want ure help to do it and i give my soul to u sir, i want u to be so happy and i will do it for u whatever u do to do . iam eagerly waiting for ure reply sir, i come to u re house also but they are not allowing u meet sir with me around 35 friends are eagerly waiting to do social services sir. and my email i.d is sjayashankar_nochin@yahoo.co.in and my contact no is 9884944478. iam brahmin sir pls conisder me also to do social services i did not expect any th...   Read more...

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by s.jayashankar, chennai, india, 30/Oct/2014 09:15


https://fbcdn-sphotos-b-a.akamaihd.net/hphotos-ak-xap1/v/t1.0-9/1535497_10204156847353553_7496723392388556133_n.jpg?oh=967677273c0fe0a0b1e34a8a5701d02e&oe=54F24838&__gda__=1420459521_982e0fce7ed6d63890cd5be3ecd3c150 Sir please see this image and take necessary action ...   Read more...

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by Jeno, Nagercoil, India, 29/Oct/2014 22:53