Tamilnadu MLA

G.K. Vasan unveils new party flag

G.K. Vasan, the leader of Tamil Maanila Congress (TMC) introduced his party’s new flag during the executive meeting held earlier today. Addressing the meet, he said with pride that his party has a neat and stable position among the people in the state.


Expressing confidence, he stated that his party would acquire the position as ruling party, regardless of not having been so thus far.

He further claimed that the unique trait of TMC is the respect it shows to the rival party members and the clean image they have acquired among public, and pointed that his party has absorbed huge support and constantly gaining ground in TN.

New party flag

During the meeting, Vasan introduced the new party flag. The flag had three color shades the same as primary colors in our Indian National Flag. The party flag also consists of images of former Chief Minister K. Kamaraj and late leader G.K. Mooppanar in the centre.

In spite of being only two years old, he stated that his party has crossed several hurdles, defeats, accomplishments and more.

He also did not fail to thank his entire cadre who has been supportive enough through all the hardships TMC has gone through.

During the state executive committee meeting of TMC, about twelve resolutions were passed. This included condolences to the demise of former Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu, J. Jayalalitha and prominent journalist Cho Ramaswamy.