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Who will be the Tamil Nadu CM? Options available for the Governor

There are, in fact, 3 options available for the Tamil Nadu Governor Vidyasagar Rao to decide the next Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu.
Option 1
Reject O. Panneerselvam’s demand. Permit the AIADMK’s chosen Legislative Party leader Edappadi Palanisamy to take the oath as the next Chief Minister and ask him to prove his majority. In case he fails to prove majority, dismiss the government.
Option 2
Give simultaneous opportunity to both Panneerselam and Palanisamy to count the support from the MLAs. By assembling them and asking them to give their preference. Based on the majority, the next Chief Minister can be chosen.
In case both of them fail to get the majority of 117 MLAs, the governor can issue an order dismissing the government.
Then, it is very likely that there will be governor’s rule till the next elections
Option 3
The governor can block the assembly sessions for some period. The governor may explain that as there is prevailing internal or intra-party confusion in the ruling party, there will be an unpredictable situation in proving the majority, the assembly activities may be blocked and the governor`s rule may be imposed.